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Shopping in Hong Kong

30/10/2015 | hong kong | 0 Comment |

Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been my favorite destination. I somehow always plan my getaway there. I've almost lost count of the number of times I've traveled to Hong Kong this year. I think it's a total of five times! The city really enamors me. The fact that I've traveled in around Hong Kong just means that I've seen all the sights that Hong Kong has to offer. I've visited most of the places more than once. I somehow never get tired of it.

I had been trying to get a week off from work for quite a while. Somehow that did not work out. I needed to get my shopping done as the festive season was just round the corner. Hong Kong has always been a the top of my list when it comes to shopping. You get the best stuff there. The markets and malls are really amazing! Especially the Cityplaza family-oriented mall, which is the largest shopping hub there. Anyway, I struggled with leave for a while and then finally decided that a weekend was more than enough. After all, the only thing I had to do was shop. I mean, how hard could it get? I really didn't know how wrong I was!

I had been counting on some of my friends for company on my shopping spree but everyone backed out at last minute. I decided to keep to my schedule. I needed to get this done and out of the way. I hoped to add some enjoyment to the process too. I guess all men think the same! Anyway, I had my list ready and I was all set. I packed an overnight bag and an extra bag for my shopping and caught the flight. As always I loved watching the Hong Kong skyline as the plane swooped in for a landing. If you find yourself in Hong Kong, seeing the Victoria Peak is something you should not miss in Hong Kong. It is magnificent and the view is breathtaking. 

It didn't take me long to get myself settled into my hotel and then I was off. Hong Kong has always been known as a shopper's paradise, especially if you are a person who loves bargain hunting. I thought I had everything figured out. Just like any other man I thought I would walk through the market and pick out what I wanted. Just a few hours of shopping, was what I supposed it would be. I had however forgotten what a maze the Hong Kong markets were. I spent the first few hours running in circles and I hadn't even picked up one item of my list! That was when I truly understood that shopping wasn't going to be easy.

I spent almost twelve hours running around the day markets and the night markets. At the end of it I still had a few things left on my list. My feet ached and my head spun. I somehow dragged myself back to the hotel and got some sleep. The next day was a little better. I got the last few items on my list and had a few hours to spare before I packed up and took my flight. My body ached all over. On my way back to the hotel, I passed a wellness massage and spa. I decided to indulge a little try out the famous tantra massage. I felt I deserved it after all the running around. It was the best idea I had all weekend! I fell off to sleep as the masseuse kneaded all my tight muscles. It was heaven!

After a two hour long relaxing massage session, it was time to get packing. The massage had somehow managed to make me feel more alive... Rejuvenated! It was definitely the high point of my trip. Now all I had to do was catch my flight back home!

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30/09/2015 | hong kong | 0 Comment

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